MembersHow Palestinian Messianic Jews Expressed Theology in Worship (Part 8)

An examination of hymnals produced by early Jewish (and some Arab) believers in Yeshua in pre-state Israel

By Gershon Nerel | | Topics: Messianic History
Are Messianic Jews still Jewish? Should they be?
Photo: David Cohen/Flash90

Following the suppression of the second Jewish revolt in 135 AD, the triumphant Roman Empire strategically changed the name of Eretz-Israel, the Land of Israel, to Palaestina, the new name given to the Roman province of Judea. About 18 centuries later, during the three decades of British Mandate in the same land (1917-1948), the common English name for the territory subject to British administration was still Palestine.


Not Only the Designation Palestine

However, the Mandatory authorities had also consented to formally add in brackets two Hebrew letters, א”י (E”I), alongside the designation Government of Palestine. א”י in Hebrew is an abbreviation of Eretz-Israel. Thus, for example, the Hebrew appellation פלשתינה א”י (Palestine-Eretz-Israel) was minted on all Mandatory coins and printed on Mandatory postal stamps and banknotes.

As a result, the residents in the land, both Arabs and Jews, were called Palestinians. Each and every person, Jew, Arab and other, that held an authorized local citizenship had a Palestinian Passport. My...

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