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Israel is once again plagued by the kind of bickering and infighting that lead to its downfall in biblical times

Photo: Flash90

“And Aharon died; and the king of Canaan heard and went to war against Israel.”

It is said that as long as Aharon was alive, God’s Presence in the Clouds of Glory protected the Children of Israel like an invisible shield surrounding them. But when he died, the clouds dispersed, and Israel came under attack (Num. 20-21). Herein lies an important lesson for the times we live in.

Aharon was skilled at bringing together people who constantly bickered with one another, were unable to get along, and never come to a resolution. His ability to reconcile between these difficult people had a lot to do with the fact that he was humble, like his brother Moses. He didn’t think of himself as better than anyone else, as exemplified in his immediate acceptance of his younger brother Moses as leader of the nation, and it was this humility that taught Aharon to be a good listener and show appropriate respect to others.

The clouds that provided the divine protection that followed Aharon’s leadership are called Ananei HaKavod;...

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