If Israel’s Oppressive, Why Do Arabs Seek Treatment Here?

Brother of Palestinian leader, a wealthy man who lives abroad, chose to have his cancer treated in ‘apartheid’ Israel

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Israel is a racist and oppressive state that practices apartheid against non-Jews.

That’s what the Palestinian leadership and its cronies around the globe are trying to get everyone to believe.

But if that’s true, then why do so many Arabs, including those connected to the Palestinian leadership itself, seek medical treatment in Israel? Aren’t they afraid they’ll be mistreated, or worse?

The simple answer is that, no, they aren’t worried about any mistreatment, because despite the propaganda they themselves propagate, these Palestinian leaders known full well that Israel is NOT an apartheid state.

For example, in 2013, Gaza-based Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh sent his granddaughter, Amal Haniyeh, to receive emergency medical care after she contracted an acute infection of her digestive tract.

Now, whatever else you might think of Haniyeh, we can pretty safely assume he loves his granddaughter.

So, why send her to “apartheid” Israel?

Haniyeh is a wealthy man. He could have sent the child to Egypt or Jordan or Saudi Arabia or even Europe. It wouldn’t have taken much longer to reach those destinations than it did to obtain the proper authorizations to transfer Amal into Israel.

And that’s another thing. If Israel is so hateful toward Arabs, why permit Amal to enter and save her life? After all, not only is she an Arab, she is the granddaughter of a man whose organization routinely attacks and murders Israeli Jews.

This phenomenon played out again these past few weeks, when Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ brother, Abu Lawi, was diagnosed with cancer and sought treatment in Israel.

Now, some might spuriously argue that Amal Haniyeh was only sent to Israel because it was the nearest destination with advanced medical facilities.

But the same certainly cannot be said for Abu Lawi. He lives in Qatar. And he’s also rich. He could have gone anywhere in the world, but Abu Lawi chose to have his cancer treated by Jews in the Jewish state.

He was this week yet again a patient of the luxurious (and expensive) Assuta Medical Center in Tel Aviv, where Abu Lawi has already received a number of treatments.

In fact, the doctors at Assuta have treated several members of the Abbas family, including the Palestinian leader’s wife (leg surgery in 2014) and his brother-in-law (life-saving heart operation in 2015).

Just food for thought for those who far too easily accept the “Israeli apartheid” claims without checking the facts.


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