MembersInterview With Iran’s Most Wanted Zionist

Secretly, without government security, support, money, or recognition, a Persian Jew is slowly, bit by bit, undermining Iran’s murderous regime

By David Lazarus | | Topics: Iran, Zionism
"Radio Ran" in his studio. Photo: Ran Amiran

Meet Rani Amrani, aka “Radio Ran,” who broadcasts a 24/7 pro-Zionist Persian-language radio station to the tune of one million new listeners every month.

Amrani told Israel Today that hundreds of Iranians around the country, including protesters, contact Radio Ran on his social media platforms and call him on his personal telephone to let his people know, in the Persian language, what’s really happening. “Protestors call us live from the streets and we give them a stage to tell the world what is really happening and to speak out against the regime’s antisemitism and lies.”

“The Iranian people are fed up,” Amrani says. “Right now people are protesting water shortages in southern Iran. What people don’t know, is that there is no running water in these parts of the country. Their cows and flocks are dying and instead of helping the people, the regime sends soldiers and guns. Anyone who protests is shot dead. That is the only way they can keep the people...

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