MembersIs There a Messianic Jewish Theology? (Part 3)

The Church is hungry for Jewish approval, and that gives Messianic Jews an opportunity to right some wrongs

By Gershon Nerel | | Topics: Messianic Jewish Theology
It's time for an authentic Messianic Jewish theology.
Photo: Creative Commons

The following is the third in a series of articles dealing with Messianic Jewish theology, or the lack thereof. Opinions and positions are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Israel Today as a publication.

Israel has recaptured Jerusalem, now capital of a sovereign Jewish nation and “times of the Gentiles” are being fulfilled. Is it not also time for Messianic Jewish Yeshua-believers (MJYB) to develop and practice their own theological sovereignty?  Yet still only very few MJYB dare to openly challenge the Trinitarian and other Christological church doctrines of Gentile Christendom.

The constant creedal pressures of western churches and missions upon MJYB to adopt and to follow their dogmas are still enormous. Such pressures, for example, even include the excommunication of those “apostates” who question the dogmas. Consequently, under such atmosphere of doctrinal squeezing it is very difficult for most MJYB, Israeli and others, to independently shape their own theological sovereignty.

  Absence of hermeneutical sovereignty

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