MembersMessianic Online Debate: Is Jesus God?

“When I share the gospel with someone in Israel they often ask, ‘Can you prove that Jesus is God?’

By David Lazarus |
Photo: Facebook Screenshot

“What verse can I use to explain? Does the Bible specify that Jesus is God?” The question came up during the continuing online social media debate among Israeli Messianic believers over the hot button issue, “Is Jesus God?” For Jews, who for thousands of years in their daily prayers have recited “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is One,” the concept of Trinity is anathema. “How can a man, even Jesus, be God, which seems to go against everything the Jewish people and faith in one God represents?” they ask.

Most Messianic Jews in Israel adhere to the conservative evangelical belief in the Trinity, and anything less than saying that “Jesus is God” is to them anathema and considered grounds for excommunication. One Messianic leader wading into the debate pointed to Hebrews 1:8 as evidence that Jesus is God: “To the Son He says, Your throne O God is forever.”

But a number of local Israeli believers pointed to the fact that “the word Trinity cannot be found in Scripture.” Messianic Jews who are looking for a position on the...

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