Formulating a Messianic Jewish theology is made more difficult by the importing of Christian creeds. Public domain

Is There a Messianic Jewish Theology? (Part 4)

The waters have been muddied by the introduction and adoption of varied Christian creeds


The following is the fourth in a series of articles dealing with Messianic Jewish theology, or the lack thereof. Opinions and positions are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Israel Today as a publication.

Another significant reason for the hindering of theological sovereignty among Israeli Messianic Jewish Yeshua Believers (MJYB) is the massive importation of denominational literature to the country. Huge resources are invested in translating “orthodox/kosher” Christian theology into Hebrew, printing it and often distributing for free. Two salient examples are the Calvinist/Reformed Westminster Confession of Faith[1] and the Trinitarian teachings in the book By this Name.[2]

However, also many other denominational theological publications are widely disseminated among local MJYB. These not only create much confusion but also minimize authentic and free thinking among the local believers. Thus, in fact, there is growing tension between...


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