“Islam Will Rule the World Again”

In response to all the Islamists out there: We the Jewish people have no intention of abandoning Israel, and neither does God

Kamal Khatib from the Islamic Movement is brought to arraignment in the Jerusalem Munical Court after police arrested him for inciting riots on the Temple Mount. Photo: Matanya Tausig/Flash90

“All signs point to a new stage in history in which the Islamic nation will once again re-lead humanity,” so surmises Sheikh Kamal al-Khatib, Deputy Commander of the Northern Faction of the Islamic Movement in Israel, in an article on popular a Arabic language website.

Muslims are optimistic, al-Khatib writes, in the face of “enemies” and the “betrayal of leaders” (here he is referring to the many Arab nations signing peace agreements with the Jewish state in spite of Palestinian grievances) “because adherence to Islam brings optimism and confidence in the eventual victory of the Muslims over their enemies.”

One might not take such seditious language seriously if al-Khatib were not an influential voice among Arab citizens of Israel. The second in command of the Northern Faction of the Islamic Movement, the sheikh is an Israeli citizen from Kfar Kana in the Galilee. His subversive incitement and public support of terror against Jews spreads divisiveness, hatred and violence between Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel.

Khatib goes on to imagine that “Israeli writers, intellectuals and military men speak publicly about the end of Israel, the glory that will be lost, and that their power will not benefit them.”

“They write and speak, and even point out the importance of obtaining passports from every possible country in the world so that they have a place of refuge in light of their anxiety and fear, and even the appreciation of some of them that the sun of Israel is fading,” he says with malevolence to incite Arab Israelis not to give up in the fight to destroy Israel.

The public prosecutor filed charges against Sheikh al-Khatib in 2021, accusing him of “incitement to terrorism, violence and identifying with a terrorist organization,” in reference to the Islamic Movement which was outlawed by Israel in 2015. Al-Katib was detained only to be released upon appeal.

The Islamic Movement in Israel rejects all previous peace accords between Israel and the Palestinians and boycotts national elections on the grounds that they give legitimacy to the institutions of the Jewish state.

In response to Sheikh al-Khatib, the Islamic Movement and its followers, it should be noted that we the people of Israel, our government, institutions and IDF soldiers have zero intention of abandoning our nation or allowing Islamists to take over.

Nor, might I add, does the God of Israel.

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