Israel, A Country Like No Other!

The people, culture, fusion of ancient and modern–it’s all so unique. And I’m in the middle of it as I start my new internship

By Edda Schmidt |
Photo: Edda Schmidt

Only a few days ago, I boarded a plane in cloudy Hamburg bound for Tel Aviv. We touched down just before dawn. It was already warm in Israel. I hopped on the first bus in the direction of the rising sun, toward Jerusalem.

This isn’t my first trip to Israel, which made me more relaxed. I had been in the country six months earlier, and remember being fascinated at how this tiny country has it all–snow-capped mountains, green plains, rolling hills, three seas, and a desert. Oh, and people aren’t lying when they say the food in Israel is great. So are the people, most of whom speak English, though I’ve decided to learn some Hebrew, too.

That first visit prompted me to apply for an internship so that I could get to know this Land a bit better.

Being back in Jerusalem was at the same time both surreal and familiar. With its distinctive limestone houses, bustling streets, fragrant shuk (open-air market), the hot sun on your skin–it was nice to be back in the city. 

Jerusalem is a city with a character all its own. It simply cannot be compared to any other city in the world. Most notable is the pre-Shabbat rush of Friday morning, followed by a blanket of soothing calm that covers the city that same evening. It was nice to spend my first couple of days back with familiar faces.

On Sunday morning, freshly recovered, my internship began. Unfortunately, I underestimated morning rush-hour traffic, but nevertheless managed to arrive on time to the office. 

I was warmly welcomed to “Israel Today.” After a tour of the offices, I began immediately my work in the editorial department. As I sit at my desk now finishing my first article, I am excited by what awaits me over the next three months. In advance, I’d like to thank all the readers of this magazine, and would be pleased to receive any comments or suggestions.

Interns welcome

Do you have solid language skills in German and English? Are you interested in participating in a meaningful cause? Would you like to get to know the Land of Israel in a deeper way? Then apply now at [email protected]

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