Israel, and Trump’s Vision for a Better World

President Trump’s address to the UN was praised in Israel, but for more reasons than many might first assume

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“I honor the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs, beliefs, and traditions. The United States will not tell you how to live or work or worship.”

Trump is not my president. This is an important observation considering the gazillion non-Americans who think they have an obligation to hate him. That Trump is not my president frees me from feelings that do nothing but distort things. From the narrow Israeli viewpoint, we should be thankful for Trump’s pro-Israel policy, and many indeed are thankful. More encouraging, Trump’s UN speech last night shows that his pro-Israel policy isn’t the result of early morning convulsions. His vision for a better world is the vision of his administration, the vision of those who voted him in, and it is this vision, not Trump’s personality, that so angers his political rivals.

To Israeli ears, The New Yorker’s scornful reporting of “the audible ripple of gasps and giggles” supposedly heard in the UN General Assembly during Trump’s speech sounds too vindictive and harsh. The terms “patriotism,” “homeland,” “people,” “sovereign and independent nations” guided by “ancient wisdom” do not sound at all offensive to most Israelis who, I suppose, would not mind seeing Israel restored to the kind of Liberal Conservatism that Trump is talking about. 

America under Trump wants to restore the sovereignty of nations and pride in national culture and heritage. Instead of the uni-cultural world coerced upon us in the name of multiculturalism, America now encourages countries like Israel to freely pursue our own destiny. “The whole world is richer, humanity is better,” said Trump, “because of this beautiful constellation of nations, each very special, each very unique, and each shining brightly in its part of the world.” 

Israel–harshly and unfairly criticized by the UN, EU and their innumerable NGO cohorts–should follow’s Trump’s lead, for it, too, must not surrender its “sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable, global bureaucracy.” Freedom and democracy, the American leader correctly observes, should be allowed to be defended “against threats to sovereignty not just from global governance, but also from other, new forms of coercion and domination,” which means, coercion of the masses into accepting ideologies that scorn and loath anything other than a multiculturalism run amok.

This vision, it is almost needless to say, suits Israel like a glove because, by definition, Israel must attribute its very existence to its uniqueness. It’s no surprise, therefore, that of all nations, Israel is singled out as most problematic, which is why its very existence is continuously challenged, mostly by the same unelected powers exposed so effectively by President Trump.

Those who follow Israel closely know that its Jewish character and its sovereignty are being challenged on a daily basis. Internal and external forces do their utmost to frustrate the majority’s desire to guard Israel’s uniqueness. At times it seems as if our governments capitulate to these unelected, undemocratic forces seeking to turn Israel into just another “normal” country. Now, with America’s backing, one could only hope that our leaders will know to seize the historical moment and further entrench both Israel’s uniqueness and its sovereignty.


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