Israel Celebrates Peace With Morocco

For the fourth time in just two months, President Trump facilitated normalization between Israel and an Arab state

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Abraham Accords, Morocco

US President Donald Trump on Thursday did it again, tweeting that he had facilitated peace and normalization of relations between Israel and yet another Arab Muslim country, Morocco.

The Jewish people have a long and storied history in Morocco, where they have generally coexisted in harmony with the local Muslims. There is also a very sizable Jewish community of Moroccan origin in Israel, and soon they will be able to freely visit family members who might still be living in the North African state.

The deal was made possible by Trump’s decision to offer US recognition of Morocco’s claim to the disputed territory of Western Sahara.

Both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and King Mohammed VI of Morocco indicated that full diplomatic relations would be established as soon as possible, as would direct regular flights between the countries.

It was further hinted that at least one more Arab Muslim countries would join the growing community of those aligning with Israel before Trump leaves office in late January.


Photo: TPS

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