Education in Israel is seen as vital to the future of the nation Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Israel is the 3rd Most Educated Nation in the World

In Israel you get an education that money can’t buy.


Israel consistently ranks as one of the most educated countries in the world. According to annual reports, only Canada and Japan have a higher percent of adults with university and college degrees than the Jewish Nation.

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Yet the average public investment per child in Israel is among the lowest in the world and spending for higher education ranks near the bottom, just above countries like the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia and Argentina.

These low levels of investment per student in Israel are partly a result of its young population. There are more children in Israel in relation to the population as a whole and population growth rates are higher than in other developed countries, which means there is less to go around per student.

More children also means crowded classrooms with an average of over 30 children in an Israeli public elementary school classroom, and often as many as 40 in normal “non-corona” times. This...


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