Israel Provides Life-Changing Surgery to Deaf Palestinian Children

You won’t hear about this from the Israel-hating mainstream media, but the Jewish state continues to ‘love its enemies’

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You won’t hear about this in the international mainstream media that is determined to paint Israel as hostile toward all Arabs.

But this month Israel provided, free of charge, life-changing surgery to 16 Palestinian children who were born deaf.

The children came from Judea and Samaria (the so-called “West Bank”), as well as from Hamas-ruled Gaza.

They were each fitted with a special cochlear implant allowing them to “hear” sounds in their surroundings, and underwent special therapy to help them get used to the drastic change in their lives.

The procedures took place at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. The outreach was done in cooperation with the Peres Center for Peace, with special authorization from the Israeli government.

And it is yet further evidence that Israel is fulfilling Jesus’ command to “love your enemies” even as it is forced to fight for its life.

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