MembersIsrael Shouldn’t Walk the “Woke” Path

Though it’s anathema to what the Jewish state stands for, Wokeism has found a foothold in the Holy Land

| Topics: Black Lives Matter, Social Justice
Israelis are getting woke, but don't realize the danger to the Jewish state
Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

“Woke,” a term popularized by Black Lives Matter, refers to the fight for social justice. Today that means fighting against all things “white,” which basically covers any imaginable idea hatched in the minds of white people, who are inherently and irrevocably racist. Woke has by now morphed into “Wokeism,” a religion-like ideology with its own system of dogmatic epistemology that includes truth and falsehood, good (colored) and evil (white), redemption (sensitivity training) and damnation (cancel culture), the defiled (privileged) and the pure (victimized minorities).

Madhavankutty Pillai explains Wokeism fairly and clearly as the fight between good and evil, where Wokeism is the good fighting against all injustices inflicted, usually by white oppressors, upon all identity groups and classes. This idea, says Pallai, came from “a sociological theory called intersectionality, which holds that society is a multi-layered hierarchy of majority oppressors and minority oppressed on the basis of identities.” This hierarchy goes from “the most privileged—the heterosexual man” (also white and Christian in the American context) down to females, colored people, LGBTQs, and, I might add, all the way down to...

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