MembersIsrael Today Exclusive: Water Shortage Protests in Iran Heating Up

Minority populations in Iran are uniting against the regime, and say they’ll align with Israel if they succeed

By Rachel Avraham | | Topics: Iran
Illustration. Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/ FLASH90

In an exclusive interview with Israel Today, Hamed Mutashar, founder of the Iranian separatist group known as the Ahwazi Liberal Party, said:

“Iranian security forces have intensified their crackdown on peaceful protesters by using deadly automatic weapons, shotguns with inherently indiscriminate ammunition and tear gas to crush peaceful protests in Ahwaz.

“According to reliable human rights sources in the region, more than 24 protesters have been killed and over 280 others were injured. Some of them are in critical condition. It is reported that many of those injured refuse to go to the hospital for treatment due to the fear of getting arrested. The Iranian forces have detained over 3,500 protesters so far. It is noteworthy that many Ahwazi sheikhs, children, women, intellectuals, poets and activists were among the detainees.”

An Iraqi source we spoke to added that the Iranian regime has already arranged for its militias in Iraq to come to Khuzestan to help them quash the uprising:

“According to the Iranian Embassy in Iraq, General Qaani asked for a force trained...

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