MembersIsrael Worries About ‘Silent’ BDS

Israel has been largely successful in countering the public Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

By Yossi Aloni |
Photo: Screenshot YouTube

But there’s a quiet boycott taking place that’s far more dangerous.

“Our main problem with the BDS movement is the ‘quiet boycott,’ which is much more difficult to get a handle on,” said Danny Catarivas, director of the Division of Foreign Trade and International Relations at the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel, during a recent gathering in Eilat.

According to Catarivas, as part of this “quiet boycott” many foreign companies are avoiding or unofficially refusing to do business with Israeli companies. And, he warned, it’s all “completely under the radar. For example, the CEO of a large company abroad receives a letter from the BDS movement asking him not to import products from the [so-called ‘occupied’] territories. Then he thinks to himself, ‘Do I really need to work with Israel? Do I really need these products from the territories?’ Many times these CEOs will give in to the BDS pressure simply because they have no need to get involved in this conflict.” These companies won’t see the decision as anti-Israel in nature, and certainly will never...

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