Israeli Embassy Helping Indigenous Filipino Tribes After Volcano Disaster

For Christmas Israeli innovations provide clean drinking water and more to natives who have not yet recovered

By Yossi Aloni | | Topics: Light to the Nations

The Israeli Embassy in the Philippines gave 100 families, natives from the evacuees of the 1991 Pina Tobu volcano eruption, a mobile water purification system, as well as food packages that included rice, vegetables and more.

These natives lost families and land, so they were transferred to a remote area near the city of Palin. The assistance was provided by Israel’s ambassador to the Philippines, Ilan Flus, together with a “peace club” composed of Filipino citizens who graduated from Mashav courses. Mashav is Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which acts as ambassadors of Israel. The natives are not yet growing commercial crops there and the embassy has chosen to provide them with humanitarian aid for the end of the year and the Christmas celebrations.

The portable decontamination pump is able to filter river water to the level of drinking water. Ambassador Flus who drank the purified water emphasized Israeli innovations including “in the field” of water purification. Israel wants to share their innovations in the Philippines in all areas.

Ambassador Alan Flus drinks purified water

“We decided to contribute a water purification system as part of our effort to create bridges for innovation through foreign aid, private business companies, incubators, investors, etc. We hope that the indigenous tribes will have access to clean water and drinking water using Israeli technology,” the ambassador said.

Israeli aid to Filipino natives has been widely acknowledged in the Philippines media and articles posted by the Israeli Embassy receive many positive views and comments.

The Israeli Embassy is now preparing to provide assistance to the victims of the devastating Typhoon “Rai” that hit the southeast of the country with winds reaching 195 km/h (120mph). Hundreds were killed and hundreds of thousands more lost their homes. The extent of the destruction of the storm is immense and the number of casualties has not yet been finalized.

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