Israeli FM Compares Knesset to a Kindergarten

Lieberman takes break from campaigning to give Knesset tour and lesson on democracy to granddaughter and her classmates

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Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, head of the right-wing Israel Beiteinu party, took a break from his pre-election campaigning earlier this month to give his granddaughter, Yarden, and 20 of her kindergarten classmates a tour of the Knesset.

The tour was actually scheduled before early elections had been announced, but Lieberman wasn’t about to let that little development cancel the children’s field trip. Together with his wife, herself a former kindergarten teacher, Lieberman happily guided the children through Israel’s halls of power, providing much insight based on his personal experience.

Lieberman explained to the children that there really isn’t that big a difference between the Knesset and a kindergarten: “At kindergarten there is a teacher, and in the Knesset there is a Speaker. The job of both is to make sure everyone speaks nicely. Both must break up fights. The essence [of both jobs] is the same.”

The curious children at one point asked Lieberman why Knesset members are required to vote on various laws and decisions, and why the prime minister doesn’t simply make decisions alone. “That is the essence of democracy,” the foreign minister responded.

PHOTO: Lieberman at the Knesset plenum with his granddaughter, Yarden. (Yossi Zamir)

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