Israeli Hospitals Treat Thousands of Arabs. Where’s the Media Coverage?

Israel’s antagonists say she’s a nation of “child-killers,” but anyone visiting an Israeli hospital can see otherwise

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No further evidence is necessary of the mainstream media’s anti-Israel bias than it’s total lack of coverage of the fact that Israeli hospitals routinely treat Arab patients from all over the Middle East.

Instead, the media paints Israel as a heartless and bigoted society that only wishes ill on its Arab foes.

i24NEWS showed in a recent report what’s going on at just one Israeli hospital, and it’s not at all what one would expect from listening to the likes of CNN and the BBC.

In cooperation with the Israeli NGO “Save a Child’s Heart,” Wolfson Medical Center in the central Israel town of Holon has treated thousands of Arabs in recent years.

Most of the patients have been Palestinian Arab children in need of life-saving surgery, which is fully covered by “Save a Child’s Heart” and the Israeli taxpayers.

Many other patients have come from war-torn Iraq. Others have from from as far away as Afghanistan.

In one instance, a princess from the emirate of Bahrain insisted on having critical surgery in Israel, insisting that only in the Jewish state would she receive the treatment needed to save her life.

Isn’t that curious? After all, Israel’s antagonists suggest that an Arab who falls into the Jewish state’s hands is more likely than not to lose his life. They say Israel is a nation of “child-killers.”

But here these Israelis are, not killing, but saving the lives of thousands of Arab children.

And the media is silent.

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