Israeli Officials Lash Biden Over Pointless Iran Diplomacy

US president charged with making diplomacy a ‘religion’ leading to meaningless nuke deal

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Iran, Biden
US President Joe Biden Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Israel is growing increasingly frustrated with the Biden Administration’s seeming desire to find diplomatic solutions to every issue at any cost, even that of not actually solving or alleviating the problem.

The big one at the moment is the Iran nuclear crisis. Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday warned that the US and other Western powers were about to sign a “spectacularly bad” renewed nuclear deal with Tehran that would make the Middle East a far more dangerous place.

Later in the day, unnamed Israeli government officials went further. They charged that this wasn’t just a matter of poor negotiating. It was a devotion at all costs to diplomacy, even when diplomacy isn’t the right approach.

“The Biden Administration has turned diplomacy into a religion,” the officials were quoted as saying by Channel 13 News.

They further stressed that the approach being taken by the US toward Iran effectively made the pending agreement “meaningless.”

Bennett said as much during Sunday’s cabinet meeting, noting that after the short two-and-a-half year duration of the agreement currently on the table, Iran will be free to build “stadiums of advanced centrifuges” as it transitions from a nuclear threshold state to a nuclear-armed state.

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