Israeli Politics and the Biblical Concept of Leadership Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Israeli Politics and the Biblical Concept of Leadership

Which system of government is right for Israel?


With the dissolution of the Knesset and the new elections in March 2021, the people of Israel are repeatedly asked which leadership style is most appropriate for their nation, and for people in general. Democracy, dictatorship or monarchy are the usual systems in our times. In which will we find responsible leaders who seek justice?

In the past two years, the people of Israel have had to vote four times. The upcoming election will be the second since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Israel is in crisis. One million are unemployed, the economy is crumbling, the country is in lockdown for the third time and the government is divided.

Israel’s Knesset is anything but a role model. The Israeli system of government is unstable, even though Israel’s long-time prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has repeatedly won a large share of the votes. But in Israel, simply receiving the largest number of votes (although not the majority) is not enough to guarantee a stable government. In general, looking back at the biblical examples, it is clear that with Moses, leadership was at...


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