Israeli ‘Psychic’ Says He’ll Use Telepathic Powers to Hold Antisemitism at Bay

Celebrity mystic says he can use his powers, once relied upon by the CIA, to keep antisemite from becoming British PM

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Put this one in the bizarre column.

Israeli-born UK-based celebrity psychic Uri Geller has offered to use his "telepathic powers" to prevent UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn from ever becoming Britain's prime minister.

Corbyn is largely viewed as an antisemite after his cozying up to anti-Israel terrorists like Hamas and the leaders of Iran helped to spur a fresh wave of Jew-hatred in the UK in recent years.

"I have no problem in saying he is an antisemite," Geller said during a panel discussion in Jerusalem this week. "God forbid if he takes control."

Geller claims that on several occasions during the Cold War the CIA consulted with him and utilized his powers against the Soviets. As such, he is no stranger to taking down political targets, or so he says.

"Will all my telepathic powers, I am not going to let" Corbyn become prime minister, Geller insisted.

Also on the panel was American sitcom star Roseanne Barr, who jokingly (?) chimed in that she would support Geller with "telepathic powers too."

Geller is by no means unique in Israel, where a number of psychics and mystics have achieved celebrity status, and are, indeed, sometimes consulted by religious and political leaders.

PHOTO: Uri Geller holds artifacts discovered during construction work on the Uri Geller Museum in Jaffa last year. (Yossi Zeliger/Flash90)

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