Israeli School Children Run for Bomb Shelters

How would you react to the threat of missiles falling on your child’s school?

By Israel Today Staff |
Israeli children must be prepared for a missile attack.
Photo: Flash90

Most of our readers will be familiar with school fire drills. Israeli schools have those too. But they also have drills for the day when our enemies rain missiles down on the Jewish state.

Schools across Israel on Tuesday held in coordination with the Home Front Command a missile attack drill.

Sirens wailed, children evacuated their classrooms and hurried into bomb shelters, and Home Front Command officers lectured our youngsters on what to do should Hamas, Hezbollah or Iran launch their arsenals at us.

 Of course, school children in the vicinity of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip are already living this hellish reality.

Some 2,354,000 Israeli students took part in the nationwide drill. That even includes 523,000 preschoolers who are unaware that they are even party to such a dangerous conflict.

“Such exercises take place on a regular basis, in order to enhance the readiness of our schools with regard to dealing with emergency situations. The exercises are conducted in tandem with the Education Ministry and the various local authorities,” read an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) statement.

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