Israeli Song of Healing Goes Viral

Popular Messianic band helps bring inspiring biblical song of healing to the world

By Tsvi Sadan | | Topics: MESSIANIC JEWS, Coronavirus

Yair Levi (31) is not on top of the Israeli music charts, which is why not many in Israel are familiar with his new song “Heal Her.” Levi, a retired Israeli naval commando, has released two albums so far, “Breathing Again” (2016) and “Let Go” (2017). The song “Heal Her” was composed two months ago, after his grandmother fell ill. The song was also inspired by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Levi told the Ynet news portal that “following the Corona epidemic names of people needing healing prayer were accumulating on my refrigerator door. Every day I said the Jewish prayer for the sick [mi sheberach] and was looking for a tune fitting for healing, but could not find one. Then I remembered the prayer ‘please, God, heal her!’ that Moses said on behalf of his sister, that she would be healed from leprosy” (Numbers 12:13).

Levi asked Shai Sol of Miqedem, a band that composes and sings Psalms all around the world, to join him. The Corona isolation forced the two to work over the Internet and release the song on Levi’s Facebook page on April 6. The accompanying text read: “Praying together with all the people of Israel for the healing of all the sick people all over the world. A song that comes from the heart.”

Who knows what makes social media posts gain popularity, but in this case, perhaps it’s the soft, almost enchanting melody of one short verse from the Bible during a time of global uncertainty. With English subtitles and the phrase “please God heal her” repeated in several different languages, it quickly became a hit many countries, from Lebanon to Brazil and from Namibia to India.

Of course, the symbolism of a warrior Levite singing a prayer on behalf of “all the sick people around the world” may also explain why people are finding it so appealing. Whatever the reasons, it is clear that this song has inspired many.

Messianic version of biblical song of healing inspires the world.
Photo: YouTube screenshot



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