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MembersIsrael’s Corona Record and God

Israel’s COVID-19 death rate is very low, and that can’t be attributed to leadership alone

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Israel has a very low corona death rate.
Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

Numbers don’t lie. Coronavirus deaths per capita in Israel are much lower than most other countries. To date, 181 Israelis have died of COVID-19. That’s 20 deaths for every million people in the country (with a population of 9 million). At the same time, 13,883 corona cases have been confirmed, which is statistically around 1,500 per million inhabitants.

With the current number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Israel, the death rate is a very low 1.2 percent. That is far lower than the global average of around 3 percent, and foreign media has reported on what they call Israel’s success in combatting the disease.

Around the world, coronavirus death rates vary wildly by country. In the United States, 113 deaths per million people. In Spain there are 430 deaths per million, in Italy 376, France 286, Germany 53, Great Britain 228, Belgium 471, Holland 210, Switzerland 115, Austria 49, Sweden 150, Denmark 60, and in Norway 30 corona deaths per million. In Belgium, the death rate with the current level of testing is almost 15 percent, ahead of Italy and Great Britain, each with...

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