MembersIsraeli Student Discovers That Iranians Love Israel

The ayatollahs aren’t going to like this. Tens of thousands of Iranians have responded positively to an animated video produced by Israeli student Nili Cohen about her parents’ life in Iran prior to immigrating to the Jewish state.

By Yossi Aloni |

The video was shared by the Farsi-language Facebook and Twitter accounts of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, garnering a multitude of supportive comments.

Cohen, a communications student at the Holon Institute of Technology, explained the video thus: “As the daughter of immigrants from Iran, I was often labeled a Persian, a rich heritage of which I was proud. I have often longed for the Iran my parents told me stories about.”

But, following the Islamic Revolution of 1979, that was a desire that could no longer be fulfilled. “I will never get to know that cherished homeland,” Cohen continued. The soundtrack to the video features recordings of Cohen’s mother describing the serene Persian lifestyle that today has been all but erased.

Cohen was shocked by the responses her video received. “At first, I was very surprised that the project received so many comments from Iran,” she admitted excitedly. “I translated all the responses from Farsi to Hebrew, and I was amazed by the warmth and the love. I realized that I was not alone in my longing.”

Her mother, Lidia Cohen,...

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