Israelis Worry About Throwing Away Their Votes

Demonstrators urge center and center-left parties to merge rather than break up into smaller factions

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Election
Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Israel’s next national election is just two months away, and a lot of people are concerned that their votes won’t count. At a demonstration in Tel Aviv on Thursday, Israelis lit candles in front of fake tombstones for all of Israel’s “lost votes.”

The political landscape has become increasingly fractured, particular in the center and to the left of the political spectrum.

What’s more, it has become increasingly clear that the Left has almost no chance of regaining power unless it can team up with a larger center-right faction.

At Thursday’s gathering, protestors urged the center and center-left parties to merge before the election, thus reducing the likelihood of lost votes (especially those for parties that end up not passing the electoral threshold) and improving their negotiating position.

To more fully understand the current situation, see: Who Will Mend Israel’s Fractured Political Landscape?

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