Netanyahu is unmatched in political prowess. Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Netanyahu is a Political Wizard

Bibi remains a giant in a land of political dwarves with his ability to mobilize the masses like no one else


Whether you like him or not, there’s no questioning Benjamin Netanyahu’s undeniable talent. Again and again we are reminded of his mastery of Israeli politics, society and the media, far outstripping any of his rivals in that regard.

In this last election, Netanyahu also appeared hungrier for victory than his challenger, Benny Gantz. There are several reasons for this, including Netanyahu’s looming trial on charges of corruption, set to begin in just two weeks. To maintain immunity and avoid such a spectacle, Netanyahu must continue as prime minister.

But whatever his motivation, politically, Bibi is a giant in a land of dwarves.

Take for instance the fact that despite his rivals claiming he is out of touch with the average Israeli, Netanyahu somehow knows precisely how to speak to and mobilize his constituents. And he does so in a way that his self-proclaimed “down-to-earth” challengers could only hope to do. They are routinely unable to clearly express what they would do better than Netanyahu. And so they...