Three former IDF Chiefs of Staff take on Netanyahu Flash90

“Israel’s IDF Chiefs of Staff are not Messiahs”

Four former army chiefs teamed up to take on Netanyahu, but found themselves outmatched by the shrewd politician


The image of the Israeli Chief of General Staff has without a doubt lost some of its luster over the course of the last three election campaigns. The entry of the former Chief of Staff Benny Gantz into Israeli politics was somewhat spectacular, yet it ended, or so it seems at present, with utter disappointment. His “Blue and White” bloc numbered at its peak 35 seats in Knesset. But that was once upon a time. According to the latest surveys, in the next election the party will only be able to garner a mere four mandates, which means that they will not cross the electoral threshold.

Now one party colleague after another is abandoning the sinking ship. Among them is also Gantz’s righthand man and another former IDF Chief of Staff, Gabi Ashkenazi. He has decided to get out of politics and to rethink his future. The third former Chief of Staff in the alliance, Gadi Eisenkot, initially planned to take part in the fourth election campaign, however in the end he has decided to avoid such a mistake. The fourth...


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