MembersLeftists Cause Settlers to Desecrate the Sabbath

When faced with a threat to Jewish life, as some rabbis say radical leftists have become, it is permissible to break certain commandments

Left-wing Israeli activists harass Israeli soldiers in Samaria. Some rabbis say that makes them a threat to Jewish life. Photo: Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90

So what if lefties cause settlers to desecrate the Sabbath? What’s the big deal? It wasn’t a coincidence that just 10 days before the incident that became national news, that of an IDF officer pushing a left-wing activist from the Israeli NGO Combatants for Peace, that in the “ask the rabbi” column of Arutz Sheva appeared the question of whether or not one is permitted to take photos of Jewish “anarchists” on the Sabbath day. What to the untrained eye looks like trivial religious minutia reveals an alarming tension between left-wingers and right-wingers.

The so called “anarchists” are Israelis who for decades now are not just fighting alongside the Palestinians against “the occupation.” In many cases they are the instigators of violent confrontations with the IDF and settlers. For its part, Israel has done next to nothing to stop these leftist NGOs. The activists who have attacked soldiers have faced no repercussions. If anything, as the case with the officer pushing the activist shows, the army usually chooses...

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