Light Breaking Through the Mayhem

Light Breaking Through the Mayhem

Jesus in Contemporary Israeli Art


Born in Krosno, Poland in 1911, Zvi Meirovitch received a traditional Jewish education along with arts studies. His first artistic achievement came in 1926, when he painted the set for The Dybbuk [demon], played in Krosno at the time. He continued his studies in Berlin and worked for a time in Karl Hofer’s studio. In 1934, he moved to Haifa, Israel, where he lived until his death in 1974. In 1948, along with other artists, Meirovitch founded “New Horizons,” one of the most influential organizations of Israeli artists, and one that introduced abstract painting to the art scene in the Jewish state. Three times Meirovitch was awarded the prestigious Dizengoff Award. He was also honored with…