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Top conservative commentator slams minority of Israelis who turn COVID vaccine into a conspiracy

Israel is going through doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine at breakneck speed. Over 3 million Israelis have already received the first shot, and over 85% of at-risk Israelis have received both shots. Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Israel's most influential conservative media commentator, Amit Segal, has drawn a comparison between the biblical sin of the children of Israel grumbling about the manna from heaven in the desert and Israelis today grumbling about vaccines. Segal writes on Facebook that the biblical complaint is incomprehensible: “You are supplied with manna from heaven every morning and the taste in each mouth varies according to your favorite flavor. And yet they are dissatisfied and complain about the daily meal that heaven provides them for free."

Segal then quotes the passage of Scripture: “Why did you lead us out of Egypt so that we would die in the desert? There is neither bread nor water here, and our souls are disgusted with this bad food!” Segal related to this passage in connection to the tragic death of a 32-year-old pregnant mother who contracted COVID-19. She is said to have refused the vaccine because of all sorts of wild conspiracies.

The children of Israel in the desert were spoiled. God provided for the people and yet they...

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