MembersMaster Race or Chosen People?

An essay by Eva Illouz (photo) in the Hebrew daily Ha’aretz leaves no room for doubt.

By Tsvi Sadan |
Eva Illouz Photo: Abir Sultan/Flash90

According to this world-renowned sociologist, “The present Israeli colonialist regime bears a familial resemblance to evil regimes…It is neither Nazi, apartheid nor fascist, yet it belongs to the same despondent family.”

If that mere association isn’t enough, she declares that Israel is the worst of all these siblings, even more monstrous than the Nazis.

Illouz takes issue with Hannah Arendt’s popular concept of the banality of evil, the notion that no one is truly evil but rather the product of their state and circumstances. Illouz sees something more sinister considering the uniquely Jewish notion of divine election, cherry-picking theoretical studies to prove that a Jewish “settler” is far more dangerous than the common Aryan.

Like countless other Jews, Illouz is horrified by the idea of divine election. For her it defies the natural order of equality and human rights. Being “chosen” endangers civilization and disrupts normal human relationships. It is the obstacle to peace and therefore must be eliminated.

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