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Exaggerated numbers and tales of persecution might help fundraising, but they are ultimately destructive

By Gershon Nerel | | Topics: MESSIANIC JEWS
Messianic Jews often make the news, but that's not always helpful.
Photo: Flash90

Headlines about the Jewish people and their modern state draw plenty of attention in the Christian world, and even more so when Messianic Jewish Yeshua-believers (MJYB) are involved.

MJYB find themselves in a sensitive no-man’s land between Judaism and Christianity, and their existence touches some of the most delicate theological and social “nerves” of both these worlds. But what happens when headlines or reports about Messianic Jews are unnecessarily exaggerated or sensationalized? Who are we fooling?


Messianic Jews in the media

Contemporary MJYB and Evangelical Christians have become quite savvy in employing the media around the world to promote their programs. Now that MJYB have resurfaced, they are front and center in the historical and ongoing theological conflicts, tensions and sharp debates between Church and Synagogue.

Today when MJYB attempt to fully integrate as normative Jews within the conventional Israeli Hebraic culture and society, they become even more noticeable, and controversial.

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