Miracle in the Synagogue

“I received a gift from heaven and a great miracle happened here…”

By Israel Today Staff |
Photo: Magen David Adom

As every morning, Omer Haim (27, pictured left) came from Rehovot to the courtyard of a school near his house to pray in the open area in compliance with Coronavirus guidelines. Among those present was Raz Yitzhaki (pictured right), an EMT volunteer with Magan David Adom emergency medical services (MDA). At the end of the prayer, as the participants tidied up the courtyard, Omer lost consciousness and collapsed on the floor. Those who saw what happened quickly called to Raz, 21, who immediately began medical treatment, performed CPR on Omer and reported the event to MDA.

Raz, while performing CPR, sent a worshiper to the school gate to direct the ambulance and bring a defibrillator, and together with MDA teams, gave electric shocks that saved Omer’s life and restored his pulse. At the end of a nerve-wracking and strenuous resuscitation, his condition stabilized, and the MDA team evacuated him to the hospital for further treatment and recovery.

Raz Yitzhaki, the MDA EMT:

“After the prayer, I heard cries for help, I ran to the scene and saw Omer unconscious. He just collapsed on the ground. I immediately called MDA and started CPR. When the ambulance arrived, they gave him two electric shocks and we continued with compressions. To our great joy, his pulse returned and after a few minutes, he started breathing on his own. Meeting Omer today for the first time since the event while standing on his feet is very exciting, it’s an amazing feeling. It is very important that every citizen in Israel knows basic CPR, it is simple and can save lives.”

Regarding the difficult event and the miracle that happened, Omer Haim said:

“I felt good that morning, I arrived at the prayer, as usual, after which I just collapsed on the floor. Luckily, two worshipers were behind me and called for Raz’s help. But I’m very emotional about the miracle that happened to me and Raz’s amazing help. I feel like I was reborn, I received a gift from heaven and a great miracle happened here. I thank Raz and the MDA team who saved my life. I thank the Creator of the world who sent me a messenger and helped me in my distress.”

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