Moving to Israel to ESCAPE Terrorism?

As Islamic terrorism spreads, Jewish communities in the West are an increasingly favorite target

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A Belgian Jewish man said that after surviving last week’s airport bombings in Brussels, he’s planning to immigrate to Israel.

Walter Benjamin was standing in line to check in for his flight to Israel, where his daughter already lives, when a suicide bomber blew himself up just meters away.

Benjamin was fortunate – he lost part of his right leg in the blast. At least 32 others weren’t so lucky.

“I probably will pack my things, get on a plane and start looking for a small apartment in Israel,” Benjamin told Israel’s Channel 2 News when asked what he intends to do after recovering from his injuries.

As Islamic terrorism becomes an increasing problem in Europe, Jews living there have become a favorite target.

Age-old anti-Semitic tropes are being trotted back out in the guise of “legitimate” criticism of Israeli policies in efforts to justify the violence.

But the bottom line is the same – the Jewish people only have one true homeland.

And while that homeland is often portrayed as a place of perpetual conflict, the reality is that it’s a whole lot safer nowadays than many places in the West.

“Chicago has 10 murders per 100,000 residents each year. Jerusalem last year, in a bad year, had 1.5,” noted Mayor Nir Barkat at a recent press conference. “When I fly to America, I pray to come back home safely.”

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