Muslims: Jews Desecrating Jerusalem With Wine

Muslim official effectively accuses Jews of dancing on the graves of prominent Islamic figures

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The Muslim world refuses to acknowledge the religious and historical connection Jews have to Jerusalem, and so are quick to condemn Israel for “desecrating” the holy city at every opportunity.

For example, the head of the Palestinian Authority’s Committee for Education, Culture and Science has publicly decried the annual Jerusalem Wine Festival being held this week at the Art Garden of the Israel Museum and at the open-air Mamilla Mall adjacent to the Old City.

The Palestinian official, Murad Al-Sudani, said the wine-drinking Jews represented a “dangerous provocation,” especially those at the Mamilla venue, which is partially situated over an ancient Muslim cemetery.

Al-Sudani asserted that according to Muslim tradition, several of the Prophet Mohammed’s companions are buried in that cemetery. As such, in the eyes of many in the Islamic world, the Jews are literally dancing on the graves of prominent Muslims.

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