Netanyahu Asks Rabbis to Pray for Trump

Prime minister says it is his faith and study of God’s Word that gives him strength to face the world

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid a visit to the leaders of one of Israel’s most influential ultra-Orthodox Jewish sects last week, and asked them to pray for the success of US President Donald Trump.

Netanyahu was paying his condolences to Rabbi Yissachar Dov Rokeach, head of the Belzer community, following his mother’s death.

Rokeach blessed Netanyahu, saying that “it’s been years since we last had a prime minister who knew how to stand up to the world like you. It’s all in the hands of Heaven.”

The ultra-Orthodox news portal B’Hadrei Haredim reported that the prime minister then asked Rokeach to keep President Trump in his prayers.

“We had a big miracle that we’re over a difficult time in the US,” Netanyahu reportedly said. “Now a new president has been elected and we should pray that he will be good for the Jews and for Israel.”

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