Netanyahu Signals “Red Alert” for Israel

Prime Minister warns that next government might be one tethered to supporters of Palestinian terror

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Benjamin Netanyahu, Election
Photo: Tomer Neuberg/FLASH90

At a special emergency summit on Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urgently warned Israelis that they were about to get the most dangerous government in the State of Israel’s short history.

Netanyahu said that he decided to sound the alarm after learning that his rival for the premiership, “Blue and White” faction head Benny Gantz, was considering the formation of a minority coalition backed by the Joint Arab List.

“A minority government supported by the Arabs is a dream government for Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran,” said Netanyahu. “In Ramallah and Tehran they will be celebrating. And there is a real possibility that within the next 48 hours a minority government will be formed.”

Gantz, who’s party controls one more Knesset seat than Netanyahu’s Likud (33-32), was given the mandate to form the next government after the current prime minister failed in his chance to do the same last month.

But, with talks aimed at forming a unity coalition including both “Blue and White” and Likud having stalled, there is concern that Gantz will attempt to govern without a majority. Such an endeavor would all but necessitate the backing of the 13-seat Joint Arab List, for however long that might last.

For most Israeli Jews, that’s problematic, given that many, if not most of the Joint List’s leaders have made quite clear that they see themselves first and foremost as representatives of the “Palestinian” Arabs, and as enemies of any entity defining itself as the “Jewish” state.

Netanyahu’s emergency rally was attended by members of all right-wing parties under the banner: “Stopping a dangerous minority government that relies on supporters of terror.”

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