New Concert Series Brings Torah and Messiah to Israel

“We want to bring words of truth to the people of Israel and encourage them to think seriously about their Creator”

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: MESSIANIC JEWS, Music
Photo: Courtesy David Loden

David Loden is well known as one of the pioneers of Messianic Jewish music in Israel. He has composed some of the most well-known and loved Messianic tunes, and many of his pieces have been translated into numerous languages and are sung in churches around the world.

Loden, now 86-years-old, has stepped out into a new project called “Fiat Lux,” or “Let there be light.” Loden told Israel Today, “Our goal is to present the Israeli public with high quality music that highlights the Bible and the Messiah in Hebrew.”

Loden has been a fixture in Israel’s classical music scene for some years now, producing and conducting orchestral pieces around the country, including an annual production of Handel’s “Messiah” in Hebrew. “This is not a ‘Messianic’ group,” Loden explains, “rather we are a mix of professional musicians performing works by modern Israeli composers, classical pieces and liturgical music. We want to bring words of truth to the people of Israel to enrich their lives with the Psalms, Prophets and Torah, and encourage them to think seriously about their Creator,” he said.

In keeping with the times to allow us to enjoy the beauty of liturgical music at home, Loden has produced this lovely rendition of his composition “Havu L’Adonai” Psalm 29, A Psalm of David (the King!).

David has been employed in the performing arts since his early youth; first as a singer and then in New York City in the professional theater as an actor, singer, writer and composer, stage and production manager.

Born in Detroit, Michigan and growing up in Southern California, David Loden was composing from the age of 10. His vocal training was with Metropolitan Opera tenor Anthony Marlowe. He was Production Manager of the Joffrey Ballet for three years, seeing 22 new productions mounted.

Upon coming to a personal faith in Yeshua (Jesus), he left the stage for a time and later immigrated in 1974 with his wife Lisa to Israel, where he has pioneered the writing of an indigenous Hebrew hymnology for the growing number of Israeli Messianic congregations.

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