New Water System for Jerusalem

“What we are actually doing here is celebrating and securing the future of Jerusalem”

By Yossi Aloni | | Topics: Jerusalem, Water
Photo: Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

A new system for bringing water up to Jerusalem is ready to be completed by this summer. The mission to build the new system is considered a National Project and is expected to connect the residents of Jerusalem and the surrounding area to the national water supply system that will bring desalinated seawater from the Mediterranean coastline to households and industrial plants in the capital within the coming months.

The project was carried out over the past six years by Mekorot, the National Water Company, at a cost of NIS 2.5 billion. Some of the work included digging a tunnel through the mountains of Jerusalem and threading four-meter diameter pipes using state-of-the-art technologies, including the embedding of fiber optics through the water pipes for the future monitoring of pressure and malfunctions.

President Isaac Herzog inaugurated the project with the official opening of the line planned in a few weeks.

On his visit to the site in the capital city, President Herzog said, “I belong to a family that talked about the siege of Jerusalem all the time, and grandma kept a water tank for every situation, even decades after that siege. Today you are providing life for all residents in the area. That’s millions of people and it’s really something amazing.”

The president added: “Water is the familiar and well-known Jerusalem challenge, so what we are doing here today and the official signal I have been given to launch one of the most important and complex projects in the country, carried out by Mekorot for the residents of the capital, certainly justifies the designation ‘National Infrastructural Project.’ This is a huge change for the better that enables life for all people, no matter what religion, faith or way of life.”

Energy Minister MK Karin Elharrar: “Today we are inaugurating one of the most complex and important infrastructure projects in the State of Israel in recent decades, but we are actually celebrating Jerusalem. Water is life, and that is indisputable. Therefore, when we inaugurate a system that will bring water over the next four decades to Jerusalem, we are essentially securing life here and celebrating it as the capital of the State of Israel.”

Mekorot CEO Eli Cohen: “This historic, technological and engineering breakthrough is a source of national pride, one that reflects Mekorot’s unyielding commitment to strengthening the resilience and status of Jerusalem, at all times and under all conditions.”

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