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My youngest son, Elad, finally departed Gaza, thank God. He came home and announced that for now he is not returning to the army, since studies at the university have resumed, and the IDF is trying to release the reserve soldiers who are students.

By Anat Schneider | | Topics: Israel, Gaza
Photo: Shutterstock

I have to admit that when I heard about a month previously that university studies were about to begin (because it was not possible to postpone the academic year any longer) I was angry. I felt bitterness and injustice. How was it possible that so many reserve soldiers fighting for the country were not taken into consideration? I really couldn’t accept it. And then it turned out this decision paradoxically became the exit “ticket” for many soldiers from the inferno. Not that it makes my feelings any easier, because this decision also feels unfair to me. What about the other reserve soldiers who are not students? And what about the need for warriors? What about the feelings with which a soldier-student is now walking around? After being released home and leaving his comrades on the battlefield?

Several days later, my son Moran, who is also a combat soldier and was constantly in Gaza, returned home on leave and announced that he is not returning to Gaza for the time being. Tomer, my oldest, continues to do shifts in Gaza,...

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One response to “Now I can sleep”

  1. Disciple 1978 says:

    Hamas and Hezbollah still want to wipe you out and cause you as much misery and hurt as possible. Life will return to normal when they no longer have the opportunity to do that. These students are unlikely to entertain liberal views when they mature. We give thanks for the sacrifice Israel is making for us all. We continue to stand against the compromises various world bodies make. The job might’ve been done with better support. Israel has won battles without loss before, we pray for the effective prosecution of this war too. As Golda may have said, Peace will come when they love their children as much as they hate us. Many families will be able to enjoy peace when the jihadists realise the world is a responsibility not a prize.

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