Palestinian Leader Admits He Lied to European Parliament

Abbas admits claims Jews want to poison Palestinian water were completely unfounded; but damage is done

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Last week Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas told the European Union Parliament that rabbis were instructing Jews to poison Palestinian water supplies. Abbas now admits what any reasonable person already knew – that he lied.

In apparently unscripted remarks to European leaders, Abbas screeched that “a number of rabbis in Israel announced, and made a clear announcement, demanding that their government poison the water to kill the Palestinians.”

He called it a “clear incitement to commit mass killings against the Palestinian people.”

His tirade won Abbas a standing ovation from the EU parliamentarians.

Of course, there was absolutely zero evidence that any of this was true, and on Friday Abbas’ office, as reported by the Bethlehem-based Ma’an news agency, was forced to acknowledge that “the alleged statements by a rabbi on poisoning Palestinian wells, which were reported by various media outlets, are baseless.”

The statement went on to note that “President Mahmoud Abbas has affirmed that he didn’t intend to do harm to Judaism or to offend Jewish people around the world.”

Abbas was widely accused of blatant anti-Semitism given that his accusations closely echoed medieval charges that Jewish poisoning had been responsible for various plagues that ravaged Europe during its “dark ages.”

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