Palestinians Commit Political Suicide

“The work of the righteous is done by others” – this quote by Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai has never been more accurate

Thousands of Palestinians demonstrated last Saturday in Gaza in support of Yemen, which is now being bombed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as part of the ongoing seven-year Iranian-backed Houthi insurgency war.

During the demonstrations the Palestinians waved pictures of Qasem Soleimani and the Houthi rebel leader Abd al-Malakh Badr al-Din al-Khuti.

These demonstrations come less than a week after the rebels launched missiles and armed drones towards Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Not only did the Palestinians not immediately condemn the attack, like most countries in the world, but in the demonstration they cursed the Saudis and praised the Houthis for targeting and striking Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies.

This demonstration did not pass quietly. The residents of the Gulf are tired of the ungrateful Palestinians who have received money and funding from them for more than 70 years and are yet now shamelessly support their enemies. The fact that the Palestinian Authority did not condemn the attack on Abu Dhabi until a week later only served to deepen the rift between it and the Gulf states.

The following is a video of the demonstration:

It's time for Palestinians to take a good look at themselves.
It's time for Palestinians to take a good look at themselves. Photo: Abed Khatib/Flash90

Trending on social media in Saudi Arabia in recent days has been an Arabic hashtag that translates: #The_Palestinians_support_Houthi. Hundreds of tweets condemning the Palestinians were published. Chat rooms were opened to discuss this strange phenomenon.

This phenomenon is nothing new, and the rest of the Arab world has had enough.

Why do the Palestinians always spit in the well from which they drank?

Why are they always against the Saudis despite the generous aid for generations?

Why are the Palestinians always with the wrong side of history from the days of the pro-Nazi Palestinian Mufti to Saddam Hussein and today Iran?

The following are angry Saudi tweets directed at the Palestinians:

Translation of the following tweet: ”Palestinian traitors. Take a look at what Saudi Arabia has given to the Palestinian people. Please show me what Iran has given you?”

A famous Saudi journalist with close ties to the royal family had the Palestinians pegged, tweeting: “Indecent expressions are a central pillar of Palestinian popular culture. This is a fact, not an opinion.”

This next tweet includes a photo of Palestinians waving posters of the Houthi leader. The caption reads: ”Betrayal is in your character and stupidity too”

This one shows receipts of past donations for “Palestine,” with the person who tweeted writing: ”We regret every penny we sent to you.”

Translation of this next incredible tweet: ”We officially declare our support for Israel and the people of Israel against the terrorist Hamas movement.”

A publisher of a Saudi newspaper writes: ”Hamas is more dangerous than Israel”

This Saudi posted a caricature of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett condemning the attack on Abu Dhabi while Hamas leaders present a gift to the Houthi terrorists:

With a trillion dollars Israel could not have done more damage to the Palestinian cause than the Palestinians themselves have done. This is not just a shot in the foot, this is political suicide.

Any Gulf Arabs who might have supported the Palestinians in the past now regret that decision and are vowing to never help them again. The Palestinians have lost the best and most generous friends they had in a silly demonstration that has only served to elevate Israel in the eyes of the Arab World.

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