Palestinians Photoshop Captured Terrorist Fugitives

It just wasn’t a good look to have their national “heroes” seen as exhausted and disheartened, so Palestinian fraudsters got to work

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: palestinians
Recaptured terrorist Munadil Nafiyat in an image from the Israel Security Agency (left) and one doctored for social media (right) Photo: Shin Bet/Israel Security Agency

Excitement and pride quickly gave way to bitter disappointment when six Palestinian terrorists daringly escaped an Israeli prison, and were then quickly recaptured. To help lessen the blow, Palestinian activists doctored photos of the handcuffed fugitives to show them smiling defiantly.

Actual photos released by Israeli security forces showed the men looking exhausted and disheartened. Not a good look when you’re trying to use this “inspirational” event to encourage a new uprising against Israel. So Palestinian social media was quickly flooded with Photoshopped images of the terrorists looking their best, images that were easily debunked.

Recaptured terrorist Iham Kamamji in an image from the Israel Security Agency (right) and one doctored for social media (left).
Terrorist warlord Zakaria Zubeidi was recaptured earlier in the month and received similar Photoshop treatment.

The smiles superimposed by Palestinian fraudsters were meant to give the recaptured terrorists an air of defiance. But the fugitives have another, more genuine reason to be happy, or at least not all that upset, about their return to prison.

You see, Palestinian terrorists are paid handsomely (typically with your Western financial aid) for being jailed in Israel. In fact, a successful Palestinian terrorist prisoner (meaning he contributed to the deaths of many Jews) can earn two, three and even up to ten times the average Palestinian monthly salary. All while hanging out with their comrades and buddies and earning a college degree on the Israeli taxpayer’s dime.

Think about it. If the average monthly salary where you live is around $3,000, and you were offered the chance to make double or triple that amount for committing a crime and then sitting in jail with your buddies (while working on your degree), would you take it? Now consider that your local economy is so horrible mismanaged that you can barely survive on average wages, and the incentive to take this deal becomes even greater.

That’s how you encourage young Palestinians to engage in terrorist activity, and blunt efforts by Israel to deter violence through punishment.

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