Final Fugitives of Terrorist Prison Escape Captured

After just two weeks Israeli forces succeeded in returning all 6 into custody

By David Shishkoff | | Topics: palestinians
Illustration. Israeli counter-terror commandoes infiltrate a building. Photo: David Buimovitch/Flash90

In a daring night-time raid on September 18th, Israeli security forces apprehended the last of the Palestinian terrorist escapees in Jenin, to the relief of uneasy Israeli citizens.

The IDF reported:

During the night, IDF, *Yamam police SWAT team, GSS and ‘Carob’ recon forces entered the Jenin area, carrying out isolation and siege operations that included firing around the building where the fugitive terrorists were hiding, who came out unarmed and without resisting.”

As these forces were leaving with the recaptured terrorists, disturbances broke out at several spots throughout the city – including throwing of rocks and explosives toward Israeli forces, as well as gunfire in the area.

Palestinian groups had experienced a boost of confidence as a result of the prison break and claimed that they would be able to prevent the recapture of the escapees.

Lieutenant Colonel Alon Hanuni reported: “Tonight we closed the circle. The last two terrorists were apprehended, of those who escaped from Gilboa prison two weeks ago. The capture was done by a force of the Special Police Unit [Yamam] in cooperation with Unit 93, Border Patrol #23, and the Regional Benjamin Area Brigade under Arik Moyal. The two terrorists surrendered and came out without firing. The capture went smoothly.”

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (himself a former IDF commando) thanked all the security and intelligence forces for their phenomenal efforts and cooperation leading to and during the various operations of re-capturing the convicted terrorists.

The Gilboa Penitentiary in northern Israel is a mere 5 km (3 miles) from the green line demarcating the Palestinian Authority areas of Samaria (the northern “West Bank”).

* The Yamam Police SWAT Unit is considered by many to be Israel’s top special forces unit and one of the very best anti-terror units in the world. In contrast with other Israeli special forces, the Yamam is made up of more seasoned, veteran fighters mostly in their 30s and even 40s.

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