Piqapoo – Israeli Low-Tech At Its Best

Israel is widely acknowledged for its high-tech contributions, but the Start-Up Nation can also get pretty low-tech

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Israel is known to be a high-tech wonder, but what about its low-tech contributions?

Well, a new Israeli Kickstarter campaign goes as low as possible. As its brilliant name indicates, Piqapoo is supposed to help dog owners to collect their pets’ poo. Israel, like other Western countries, obligates dog owners to collects their animal’s excrement. This is an unpleasant task no matter how much you love your pet.

Israeli inventor Gideon Hazan claims that with Piqapoo, the task becomes so easy a blind person could do it.

Piqapoo is brilliantly simple. A silicone clip holding a plastic bag is attached to the dog’s tail. The droppings fall into the beg that easily detaches from the clip. This hands-free, no-scooping device comes in different sizes to fit different tails. Hazan insists that dogs easily adjust to the device.

But even this simple device has already triggered anger among some animal rights activists, who claim that denies the dogs’ right to mark their territory. Still, this funny-looking thing dangling on a dog’s tail may just be the answer that so many dog owners have been waiting for.

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