Postjournalism is a problem in Israel, too Hadas Parush/Flash90

Postjournalism and the Return of “Truth”

The media is manufacturing polarization and anger as it tries to shape the “world as it should be”


Soon after Donald Trump won the 2016 US presidential election, Haaretz, the Israeli poor man’s version of The New York Times, was alarmed by what it saw as the dawning of a bleak “post-truth” era. The new president, figured columnist Doron Koren, won because of his brazen and well-calculated lie-based propaganda campaign.

Trump, according to Koren, lied about the “wise, fair and warm leader Hillary Clinton,” because of “a negligent technical detail of using her private email account.” And Trump lied when he denied sexual harassment charges. And Trump lied and lied so much that he is not just any liar, but an “absolute liar” who seized power in the same way Hitler did. Therefore, concluded Koren, “in special circumstances what starts as election fraud can end up with a massive loss of life, something from which democracy must protect itself.”

Needless to say, and as the past four years proved, this kind of description of what the world would look like under Trump had...


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