MembersProtecting Our Soldiers from Ourselves

An Israeli soldier’s every move is watched and scrutinized, making them more susceptible than ever before to legal charges.

By Tsvi Sadan |
Photo: Photo Wisam Hashlamoun / Flash90

This also means they’re in greater danger than ever before because, despite the army’s qualitative edge over our enemies, these young soldiers are often afraid to take the necessary action on the battlefield. But there are some who are trying to remedy this problem.

Though Eyal Platek should have been a regular guest on TV news programs, only those who read fringe right-wing news portals are familiar with the invaluable legal aid he provides, pro-bono, to our soldiers. One would also expect that the Israeli media would show some interest in the “immunity law” he drafted to protect soldiers, but no major news program has bothered to interview him. Though he is a bonafide human rights activist, Platek’s focus on helping soldiers makes him unattractive to the leftist mainstream media. Lt.-Col. (Ret.) Platek (54) officially serves as a legal adviser to the IDF. But the real food for his soul comes from providing free legal service to poor and disempowered minority groups like the Ethiopian Jews and Arabic-speaking Israeli Christians.

“I do this out of love,” he...

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