Red Heifer Mania? Or Overlooking Prophecy?

Christians send five red heifers needed for renewed Temple service to Israel. Did anyone in the Jewish state notice?

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: Temple, Red
With the arrival of five certified unblemished red heifers, Temple sacrifices could resume... if only there was a Temple.
With the arrival of five certified unblemished red heifers, Temple sacrifices could resume... if only there was a Temple. Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

We recently reported that a majority of Israelis want to see a return to Jewish sovereignty and prayer at the Temple Mount. And that there are several groups actively preparing for the day the Third Temple will be built.

So when American Christians sent over to Israel five red heifers, you might think that Israelis took notice and got excited about this prophetic development.

And some did. After all, these weren’t just any red cows. They had been specially-chosen by the Christian organization Boneh Israel, and inspected by rabbis from the Temple Institute to ensure they met the requirements of Numbers 19:2, which reads:

“Tell the Israelites to bring you a red heifer without defect or blemish and that has never been under a yoke.”

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The ashes of a red heifer are necessary for purification prior to conducting sacrificial ceremonies.

In other words, the presence of five unblemished red heifers, which are not exactly easy to find, means Temple services could now theoretically resume… if there was a Temple.

Pretty heady stuff. Only most average Israelis are entirely unaware of it.

While several hundred religious Israelis and Christian visitors attended a ceremony marking the cows’ arrival, the event wasn’t widely reported in the Israeli media.

It was covered, however briefly, by Israel’s largest online news portal, Ynet.

A representative for Boneh Israel told Ynet that a ritually-acceptable red heifer hadn’t been seen in Israel for over 2,000 years, “and now we have five!”

The cows were moved to a farm in Beit Shean, where they will be cultivated in hopes of growing a herd for future Temple use. If successful, it is believed the farm will also become an attraction for Christian visitors.

While the secular media didn’t take much notice outside of the potential tourism benefits, the ultra-Orthodox Jewish media did.

According to the religious news website Kipa, the rabbis were moved and some even wept at the sight of five unblemished red heifers being delivered to Israel, and by Christians no less.

Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon, one of those tasked with inspecting the red heifers, stated:

“It is very exciting that we have red cows ready both for the building of the Temple, with God’s help, and in the meantime to study. The building of the Temple is approaching, we need to know, to prepare, and that is one of the things that must be ready.”

The article garnered hundreds of responses, many of which hailed the news as yet another sign of the soon-coming Messiah, while others wondered at the significance, and perhaps complications, of the red heifers being donated by Christians.


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12 responses to “Red Heifer Mania? Or Overlooking Prophecy?”

  1. Annette Leon says:

    I realy can’t understand how a Bronze age practice is relevant in the 21st Centuray….. Believing in a god being one thing, a concept of that age rather than a modern day understanding of a Creator of the Universe being more relevant for today. ????????

    • Vernon Ryan says:

      The Lord knows human nature better than anyone in the universe, that nature keeps repeating the same things because that nature doesn’t seem to learn from the same mistakes it continues to make. The Lord has to keep taking us back to the mistakes to get us to learn from them.
      The root of evil placed in mankind in the garden by Satan is now being exposed more than ever as we near the end time. Once the root is completely exposed it can die, Satan knows his time is short and has pulled out all the stops to bring down the human race before he is locked up for a thousand years. I believe that time will be the time it will take for the human race to heal from what evil has done to it.
      Perhaps the lack of understanding of the sacrifice has yet to be learned, returning to it, especially during the tribulation, or, the time of Jacobs trouble, will bring full meaning of it to the Jewish people. I include the majority of the gentiles as well, there is much about the Lord that neither of us fully understand.

      • Annette Leon says:

        I see where you are coming from and yes MAN repeats mistakes, but the way you write still comes over as written in the Bronze age. GOOD and EVIL ? POSITIVE and NEGATIVE wording is more appropriate in Today’s world, to be recognised.
        Satan as depicted in the Middle ages with the images of Middle Euopean Jews, and we were born with tails no less , is that the Satan YESHUH was said to have said ( get behind me) or was it he was fighting with his conscience?
        Now tell me Vernon if he was alone in the wilderness, did he come back and tell his followers, for it to have been witnessed to and compiled in NT….?….
        I sometimes become aware that things that happen are more than just coincidence. This Pandemic has made the world take stock of mistakes made by the leaders of Nations for the betterment of a few, the injustice to others. So of what benefit to mankind are these Red Hefers to Israel? or others for that matter, to be a Light onto the Nations. How would YESHUA see it.
        Time of Jacobs Trouble, it’s been going on since Israel was reborn so to speak,
        The TRIBULATION isn’t it going on now?
        Is this so called Satan staring us in the face with the likes of China, Iran, and for sure of late, Russia with it’s sick leader with his finger on the button, to satisfy his ego, as to be a Saviour of Imperal Russia, and to go down in history as its Saviour, and he calls himself a Christian.
        One thing I have noticed it is written the Evil of MANKIND has Eve been let of the hook at last.???? ????

        • G. Ian Goodson says:

          She was deceived. Adam was not. So he was responsible. Hence the need for a new Adam. How was she deceived? Compare Genesis 2:16 – 17 with Genesis 3:3. Where did she get the extra words from? Adam added to God’s Word.

          She’ds always been off that particular hook. Preachers have not always been so kind.

          • Vernon Ryan says:

            She may have been deceived, but Adam also ate of the forbidden fruit. There is an old saying, “the man may be the head of the house, but, the woman is the neck, and the neck turns the head.”

          • Annette Leon says:

            So Eve has always been off that particular hook? Now I understand why the male species wish to dominate us….
            Was Eve told to cover her hair? was Eve told to shave her hair and cover it with a wig ? How crazy is that?
            Hair goes back into Anthrapology.
            Samson’s strength taken from him cutting his hair, ? Other cultures have there men grow their hair and cover it with a Turbun. Maybe it goes back into primative beliefs and puzzlement that hair and nails still grow after death. Maybe most of it being drawn from Superstition. I wonder how much YESHUA may have understood this and was trying to make the peoples of his time go back to the intent of laws rather than the letter of it. Seems I in my uneducated and lack of Bible Study may have become aware of this. YESHUA a Man ahead of his time got him into trouble suffered for it. IMV he was also a Feminist. ???? ????

        • Vernon Ryan says:

          Annette, I believe those in Israel who do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah, are seeking to obey the sacrificial laws of old that include the use of the red heifers in sacrifice. That is good as they too are working to bring the prophecies of scripture to pass. The old, as I see it, are converging with the new and being brought to completeness in these days we live in. One of the biggest sins of mankind is the sin of, unbelief, look around in the world today, what do you see? unbelief. It is unbelief that is bringing about everything you have written in your reply to me.
          Jesus knows who Satan is and knows Satan has no power other than what mankind gives him. Jesus gave Satan no power by refusing to be afraid of him. And, yes, Jesus told His disciples about everything or we would not know what happened, agreed?
          Everything we see going on in the world today can also be seen in what Jesus said in Matt. 24 concerning the last days. He called it the beginning of sorrows, what we have seen thus far is bad, but not as bad as it is going to get when the first trumpet is blown and the wrath of God is unleashed. Then, the world will have, “Tribulation.”
          Jesus spoke of time being shortened, by that I take it that the speeding up of events will bring about the end faster. Have you noticed how it seems time in today’s world is flying by faster?
          Putin? he would like the world to think he will push the button but he is not the one who will do so, it is a fear tactic tyrants use to produce fear, a greater weapon than the explosion of nuclear weapons, one creates power, the other ends power.

          • G. Ian Goodson says:

            Clever but inaccurate. Since when did your neck turn your head without an order from the head? The headship of man is modelled on Christ – Sacrificial Love. The submission of woman is modelled on Christ – who submitted Himself to the Cross, Sacrificial Love.
            Malachi 2:15 Did he not make them one, with a portion of the Spirit in their union?
            He does the same for the Church.

  2. Fernwood Van says:

    I very much appreciate the comments by all. Vernon covered what I see in scripture and also what has been and is happening in Israel. Keep your eyes on Israel. The King is coming!!!!
    1 Thessalonians 4:17 Then we who are alive, who remain, will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord.

  3. G. Ian Goodson says:

    Annette, Samson’s hair was a symbol of his dedication to God as a Nazirite. His mother made the vow, and he broke it in many ways. Eventually, he treated it lightly and gave away the secret of his strength – his dedication symbolised by his hair. This allowed him to be completely captured by the enemy. In the darkenss his hair grew. He remembered the vow and His God. He died with his arms stretched out, as one upon a Cross.

    • Vernon Ryan says:

      As related to my comment about the neck turning the head, it is an old saying, my wife heard it from her grandmother. Jokingly she said the same thing about how easy it is for a wife to get her husband to do something or agree with her. Did Eve get her husband to do what she did?

  4. G. Ian Goodson says:

    First mistake, adding to God’s word. He would feel responsible.
    Second mistake, not consulting God. He chose to die with her.
    Third mistake, putting her before God. He should have offered to die for her. How that would have worked out is anyone’s guess. It’s also possible that Adam was Eve’s protection as long as he didn’t sin.
    Can we stop trying to blame Eve. The Bible is very clear. The commandment was given to Adam. Rom. 5:12
    There is no suggestion that Eve seduced him.

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